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If you’re interested in drama, the best thing you can do is join a youth or amateur theatre company. You can learn a lot about yourself in a theatre company. It can offer an invaluable insight into the working practices of a professional performer or stage manager and is one of the best ways to learn how to prepare for auditions at drama school and university. It can also help to develop skills that can be applied in your day to day life such as creativity and imagination, communication, speaking in public and help in relating to people totally different to you along with helping to grow your confidence and that’s before you get to the technical or performance experience!

Theatre also offers a space where you can escape out of yourself!  The Woolstore particularly needs young voices and ideas to keep it alive so if you are thinking of going to drama school, in the future, where better to build up your experience than in an amateur theatre? We are always looking for new members to act, build scenery, help with painting, lighting/sound, costumes and all other tasks involved with running a theatre.

The Woolstore belongs to its members. Membership only costs £12 per year and gives you the right to perform on the Woolstore stage in front of family and friends. Also as a member you can book tickets up to one month in advance and at a discounted price. You can also attend the annual drinks party in January where there is the opportunity to meet up with fellow members and is an opportunity for the committee to thank everyone for their support.

So why not join? Try it – you may have found an exciting new leisure activity or perhaps are re-igniting an older passion.

For more details email:

David North (Membership Secretary) on davd-north@hotmail.co.uk

Also via Facebook:

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