‘The Woolstore Bowl for the Winning Play that will go forward to the Mercia Division Quarter Finals in Wootton Bassett at the end of the month, was another David Tristram comedy ‘What’s For Pudding’ performed by the Woolstore Country Theatre and directed by Derek Miles. Ms Woolley described this as a light, brittle comedy with a well- rehearsed and confident cast.

We intrude on Mary (Sirene Cleife) and Jack (Alan Biggs) on a boring Saturday night, their dull routine is interrupted by Maureen ( Christine Powell) and Ted ( Angus Bramwell ) followed by Dennis (David North) who only wants to look in a catalogue and buy some new trousers. As the evening goes on the drinks flow, the tension in the marriages mounts to the final satisfactory denouement.

Derek Miles has a history of picking the right play for a festival, this was witty, fast paced and perfectly cast and the audience loved it!’    Romy Wyeth - Salisbury Journal


‘CODFORD’S Woolstore Theatre was magically transformed into Sherwood Forest for nine packed performances of Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood by Alan P Frayn. Director Derek Miles had gathered together a very strong cast for this year’s pantomime, using well-established actors while at the same time bringing promising young talent to the fore.

Laura Ridgers-Steer’s return to the stage as Robin and Tegan Taylor as Maid Marian were an ideal pairing for the leads, they not only looked the part but they inhabited their roles without effort and their duets were delightful. Angus Bramwell as Dame Nellie Nickerlastic was, as always, excellent. Gary Poole has been in many productions over the last fourteen years and in Robin Hood he played Grovel, one of the Sheriff’s henchmen. Tom Worts, from Wylye Valley primary school in Codford, was confident and vivacious in the part of Snivel, the other half of the comic duo. Another outstanding performance was from Libby Thornton, her first major role as Ella, the King’s niece - one of the Babes in the Wood. Ben Archer has been in many pantomimes and has worked backstage. In his first major role he gave an enthusiastic and likable performance as Little John. Without a doubt Alan Biggs’s versatility in interpreting characters was evident as his Sheriff of Nottingham proved a masterly and popular villain.’

Southern Daily Echo


‘Director Karen Johnstone opted for a slow burning drama building up to an unexpected and shocking climax for the Woolstore Theatre’s Spring production. Julia Darrow (Sophia Milburn) is an attractive young woman in a wheelchair awaiting an operation and who was having a very discreet affair with her married boss and was injured in a car accident when he had a heart attack and died while driving. Enter Gary (Matt Spencer), young, unemployed and described by Julia as her ‘Daily Male’ who’s obviously smitten with her. Julia’s grief counsellor Anne Bennett (Katherine Beaumont) is well aware that Julia’s sense of guilt and deliberate isolation from her friends is unhealthy. Julia receives a letter from her lover’s widow asking to meet, Anne’s response is to let things be. Julie goes ahead and meets Margaret Haddrell (Hilary Armstrong), who is hesitant and desperate for any scrap of information about her husband’s last moments.

With only four actors, this very strong cast totally inhabited their characters and gave outstanding performances. Hilary Armstrong is a Woolstore veteran, while Matt Spencer has been with the company for 12 years and this was his first major role. Professional actresses Sophia Milburn and Katherine Beaumont were both making their Woolstore debuts and were excellent, hopefully this will not be the last time we see them.’

This is Witshire.co.uk


‘My wife and I attended Robin Hood last night with 9 friends. A fabulous performance with a laugh a minute. We loved Nellie the nurse. If you enjoy "he's behind you" etc then make sure you book. We will be back again next year’

Steve Dettmar

‘Very strong cast totally inhabited their characters and gave outstanding performances’

This is Wiltshire

“I would like to thank the cast and crew for a really enjoyable pantomime this year. Aladdin was great!”

David Birtwisle

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